Spectrum LCD Color Mix - Standard Resin

Spectrum LCD Color Mix - Standard Resin

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FormFutura "Spectrum LCD Color Mix - Standard Resin" is a high-quality 3D printing resin. This resin has mechanical properties like PLA and thermal properties like ABS. Spectrum LCD Color Mix resin combines easy printability with excellent heat resistance and stiffness. 

The ingenuous color mixing concept of our Spectrum resins resulted in an impressive amount of 29 RAL colors that can be obtained by adding our Spectrum Color Pigments to the resin. You can even fine-tune your own colors by mixing pigments into a new color. 


Important key features:

  • Available in an impressive range of 29 opaque RAL colors

  • Excellent printability properties

  • Impressive heat resistance of 121 °C

  • Good properties with respect to stiffness and heat resistance


Suitable applications

  • Suitable for the production of figurines, miniatures and models

  • Suitable for 3D printing functional prototypes 

  • Suitable for 3D printing end-use products

Print Settings

The print settings below are for the resin without any pigments added and are meant as starting point for finetuning your optimal print settings for your favourite color mixed.

Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K


First / Burn-in Layers: 4x to 6x for 45 Seconds
Normal Layers: 6 to 7 Seconds


Anycubic Photon Mono SE


First / Burn-in Layers: 4x to 6x for 45 Seconds
Normal Layers: 3 to 5 Seconds
Lifting Distance: 8mm
Light-off Delay: 0.5
Bottom Light-off Delay: 1


Anycubic Photon Mono X 


First / Burn-in Layers: 4x to 6x for 45 Seconds
Normal Layers: 3.5 to 4.5 Seconds
Lifting Distance: 10mm
Light-off Delay: 1
Bottom Light-off Delay: 1
UV Power: 75 ~ 80%

*If you need the best settings for your 3d printer we highly recommend using the included RERF (Resin Exposure Range Finder) or Resin Exposure  Calibration Tool.
This is most likely included with the 3d printer usb stick and or manual.