EasyClean Resin Cleaner

EasyClean Resin Cleaner

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EasyClean resin cleaner is chemically engineered to safely and effectively remove any uncured photopolymer 3D printing resin in the range of 385 – 420nm from SLA, DLP, or LCD 3D printed objects. EasyClean is made from organic solvents and is safer and more effective than Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and can be used roughly 3 times longer than IPA.


Key features

  • Superb cleaning properties

    - Breaks down resin better than IPA and other solutions

    - Doesn't leave any residue, cloudiness, or white haze

    - No sticky prints

  • Compatible with all UV curable resins for SLA, DLP, and LCD 3D printing technologies

  • Compatible for cleaning with magnetic stirrers, ultrasonic cleaners, and washing/curing stations

  • No transport restrictions

    - Not classified as a dangerous good by ADR and IATA

  • Non-flammable

  • Limited odor

  • Can also be used for cleaning build plates, vats, and other surfaces that come in contact with resins

  • Long shelflife up to 24 months


How to use

  1. Put the resin print in a tub filled with EasyClean resin cleaner

  2. Clean for 10-15 minutes when cleaning by hand, or 5 minutes when using an ultrasonic cleaner

  3. After cleaning let the printed object dry or rinse with tap water



Store EasyClean in a well-ventilated area in its original HDPE bottle, or jerrycan. Make sure the bottle or jerrycan is tightly closed and stored at a temperature below 25°C. When stored properly EasyClean Resin Cleaner has a shelflife up to 24 months.


Physical properties

Description Test method
Flashpoint ASTM D 3828 75°C (1013hPa)
Boiling point   189,6°C (1013hPa)
Self-ignition temperature   207°C (1013 hPa)
Density at 23°C MVPF 18 0,9539 g/cm3 (20 °C)


Product export information

HS Code: 29094980 Description: Resin cleaning solution EU preferential origin