2.85mm LimoSolve™ - Natural

2.85mm LimoSolve™ - Natural

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LimoSolve HIPS on kõrgekvaliteediline ja kergelt prinditav lõng, millel ei ole lisatud värvaineid ja see on limonaadis kergelt lahustuv. Lõngal on sarnased temperatuuri omadused kui ABS-l ja on väga hästi sobiv tugimaterjaliks kahe kuumpeaga 3D-printeril koos ABS lõngaga. Samas see prindib täpselt samamoodi kui EasyFil HIPS.


LimoSolve HIPS is a high-performance and easy to print High Impact PolyStyrene type of 3D printer filament which doesn’t contain any added colorants and dissolves completely in Limonene. Being soluble in Limonene in combination with similar thermal properties to ABS make LimoSolve an outstanding supporting material for complex dual extrusion ABS prints. 
When not being used as support material LimoSolve HIPS prints in an extremely bright white colour and has exactly the same characteristics as our EasyFil HIPS filament range. 


Unique features

  • Good support material for dual extrusion ABS prints
  • Similar thermal and printing properties to ABS
  • Soluble in Limonene
  • Very limited warping
  • High impact resistance
  • Extremely smooth, bright white and matte surface finish
  • Light-weight and durable


General printing guidelines *

Nozzle size: ≥ 0.15mm

Layer height: ≥ 0.1mm

Flow rate: ± 104%

Print temp: ± 220 - 260° C

Print speed: Medium

Retraction: Yes ± 5mm

Heat bed: ± 90 - 110° C

Fan speed: 0-25%

Experience level: Intermediate

*) Above displayed settings are meant as guidance to find your optimal print settings. These ranges in settings should work for most printers, but please do feel free to experiment outside these ranges if you think it is suitable for your printer. There are a lot of different type of printers, hot-ends and printer offsets that it is extremely difficult to give an overall one-size-fits-all setting.


Filament length

ρ: 1.04 g/cc

50 gr coil

0.75 Kg spool

Ø 1.75mm

± 20.0m

± 300m

Ø 2.85mm

± 7.5m

± 113m


Product export information

HS Code: 39169090

Description: Monofilament

Country of origin: the Netherlands


Compliance *

This filament is compliant to below listed directives and regulations.

  • RoHS directive 2011/65/EC
  • REACH directive 1907/2006/EC

*) This declaration of conformity to directives and regulations is prepared according to our present standard of knowledge and may be amended if new cognitions are available and applies only for the above described products.