AlgoLaser Delta 22W

AlgoLaser Delta 22W

Tootekood: Delta 22W
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Tarneaeg: 14 päeva
Hind: 974,78 €
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DIY KIT for Designed For Beginners & Budget Friendly.

Alpha for Entry Level Price, Advanced Feature Set!

Delta for FlagShip Laser Engraver


Delta Tutorial


Motherboard: Smarter Laser Motherboard V3.1, with 2pcs of 32Bits MCU

Firmware: Smart Laser Firmware Control Methods: Touch Screen, APP, LaserGRBL (free), LightBurn (Tolling Software) Connection Methods: USB, WIFI(5G), TF Card


  1. Integrated air pump;
  2. Upgraded Fixture of Laser Module
  3. Spring-loaded Mechanical Focus 
  4. New Nylon Rollers 
  5. Intelligent Laser Module: Flame Alert/Lens Cleaning Reminder/Air Pressure Monitoring
  6. Safety precautions:
    1. Machine Offset & Shake Detection Protection
    2. Watch Dog (Incorrect settings of the machine cause disordered operation of the machine. It will stop the machine to avoid risks.)
    3. USB Connection Detection and Protection
    4. Laser detection and protection
    5. Emergency Stop Switch
    6. Temperature of Motherboard Monitoring
    7. Current and voltage detection and protection
    8. Key Lock Engraving Area: 440MM×415MM

Speed: 30000mm/min Max Available Laser Modules: Second-generation COS Technology 20W Laser Modules (Real Luminous Power: ≥22000mW(22W)) 22W One Pass cutting capacity: Birch plywood: 10mm Basswood plywood: 15mm Eucalyptus plywood: 5mm Black acrylic: 10mm Black ABS board: 4mm MDF: 3mm

Paulownia wood: 15mm Bamboo: 8.5mm Gray cardboard: 3mm Steel plate: 0.05mm

20W thickest cutting capacity: Soft pine board: 30mm Birch plywood: 12mm Eucalyptus plywood: 15mm Basswood plywood: 20mm Black acrylic: 50mm

Box Size: 795*720*145mm

Gross Weight: 12kg


Possible to order extra (DIY KIT, Alpha, Delta):

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